The Science Of Evaluating Loan Underwriting Software For Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate deal making is about timing and moving fast. The faster companies evaluate and prospect, the more deals they win. Winning the transaction doesn’t just necessarily mean sourcing more deals but have the infrastructure and... Continue reading

Must Have App for Commercial Real Estate Professionals

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Looking for Commercial Mortgage? Here’s what to consider when shopping for a Commercial Mortgage!

Today’s Commercial Mortgage Lenders Buying or building a commercial property is a huge undertaking for you as an investor. Some lenders require personal guarantees, some look only for profitability; some may charge a very high-interest rate, etc. At... Continue reading

How CMBS can be an attractive market to foreign investors!

CMBS Witnessed a Strong Second Half A rule ordered in December 2014 under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act required that sponsor of asset-backed securities to keep some of the value of new securities, rather than... Continue reading

What You Should Know About Multifamily Financing!

Multifamily financing is showing strong growth trends and these are the trends that investors should expect! Since the end of the 2007-09 recession, the commercial real estate industry has experienced a strong growth. The property prices have grown... Continue reading

Big Data Analytics Ready To Play a Bigger Role in Loan Underwriting!

Applying big data to mortgage industry – Automating Loan Underwriting The commercial real estate lending market continues to keep growing in the U.S. It has a lot of competition, which has created a robust environment. The market has become highly... Continue reading

Automated Underwriting - A win-win for the brokers as well as lenders!

Automating the collection and evaluation process for more closures in less time. Be it any field, instantaneous has become an expectation. From instant purchases to real-time feedback; technology has made everything agile. In an era where everything... Continue reading

Mortgage Tech - Machine Learning, the new trend!

Mortgages are complicated. Professionals who have worked in this industry or borrowers who in the past have gone through the mortgage process will agree to the fact that the mortgage process is often full of errors and data gaps. There are multiple... Continue reading