partner up with Orix Real Estate Capital

Commercial real estate finance market leader Orix Real Estate Capital's loan servicing and asset management group signs up as a subscriber of's automated rent roll and cashflow underwriting software. The team feel this will... Continue reading Scalability for Banks and Servicers to Fulfill Historic Surge of Loan Reviews

Every mortgage servicer and bank that we speak to is completely overwhelmed and their teams completely occupied due to the massive influx of loan applications from small to mid size commercial real estate property owners across the United States. Continue reading

Automation of 5,000 FSA and Rent Rolls after COVID-19

Lenders and servicers are experiencing a staggering 50x increase in loan reviews and borrower requests Covid-19 is having a huge negative impact on small businesses. The US government has announced a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) under which... Continue reading releases APIs for Rent Roll and Operating Statement Automated Extraction and Underwriting

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How Lease Abstraction Simplifies Commercial Real Estate Lease Management?

When buying or selling commercial real estate; having the essential information at your fingertips can save you time and money when making a decision. Continue reading

CRE Automated Underwriting vs Manual Underwriting-An Analysis

All commercial real estate deals have two sides, a borrower and a lender. Both sides analyze a potential commercial real estate deal by taking risk into account. For an investor, that risk is based more on the tenants and management of the property.... Continue reading

How AI and ML are changing the CRE Underwriting Process?

Commercial real estate thrives on data. To analyze a deal properly, commercial real estate brokers, investors, and lenders need to know a myriad of details about the subject property. Continue reading

Six Interesting Things about Automated Underwriting for Commercial Real Estate

Understanding risk and potential returns in buying, selling, or developing a property is a crucial component to being a successful real estate investor. In commercial real estate (CRE), underwriting is used to make decisions about how risky... Continue reading