Case Study | Success in the Automation of Commercial Real Estate Underwriting (The "Company" or "Clik"), a SaaS company creating artificial intelligence-powered software that is bringing efficiency to the real estate market, today released a case study alongside Bellwether Enterprise detailing how the platform... Continue reading

Financial statement analysis for CRE in 50% less time

As the role of the CXOs at lending and acquisition firms continue to transform on a forward looking path, AI and fast process automation for commercial real estate industry has become more significant than the others.   Bellwether Enterprise uses... Continue reading opens its technology to integrate with other CRE software applications

Who can benefit? Continue reading

How to extract OS, T12 and Rent Rolls 10X Faster

    When buying a rental property, a rent roll is the most critical document required while evaluating the income of the property correctly.   Continue reading

Merchants Capital Launches to Automate Loan Servicing Operations

The automation software provided by is a proprietary extraction and classification engine that, alongside asset managers and underwriters, the data extracted by the system can be easily moved into the bank's proprietary platform and... Continue reading

300 CRE businesses confirm automation matters more than ever

Understanding the assets, income potential and underwriting  commercial real estate has traditionally been a very time consuming process. Fortunately, today’s technology can automate many time-intensive real estate functions – underwriting, mortgage... Continue reading partner up with Orix Real Estate Capital

Commercial real estate finance market leader Orix Real Estate Capital's loan servicing and asset management group signs up as a subscriber of's automated rent roll and cashflow underwriting software. The team feel this will... Continue reading Scalability for Banks and Servicers to Fulfill Historic Surge of Loan Reviews

Mortgage servicers and banks in a post covid world are overwhelmed due to the massive influx of loan applications from commercial real estate property owners across the United States. Continue reading

Automation of 5,000 FSA and Rent Rolls after COVID-19

Lenders and servicers are experiencing a staggering 50x increase in loan reviews and borrower requests Covid-19 is having a huge negative impact on small businesses. The US government has announced a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) under which... Continue reading