5 Key Benefits of Third-Party Lease Abstraction

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How to Choose a Professional and Reliable Underwriting Service Provider ?

When it comes to choosing a professional and reliable underwriting service provider, you want to take your time and do your due diligence. Not all underwriting service providers stay up to date on federal regulations, utilize the latest technology,... Continue reading

Clik.ai releases APIs for Rent Roll and Operating Statement Automated Extraction and Underwriting

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Clik.ai: Cost Savings Calculator

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5 Tips to Overcome Commercial Lease Abstraction Challenges

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How Lease Abstraction Simplifies Commercial Real Estate Lease Management?

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CRE Automated Underwriting vs Manual Underwriting-An Analysis

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Five Most Important Facts About Argus Modeling

To understand the importance of financial modeling tools for commercial real estate, you need to know about Argus Modeling. Argus is a computer software created specifically to keep commercial brokers, commercial real estate investors, and... Continue reading

How AI and ML are changing the CRE Underwriting Process?

Commercial real estate thrives on data. To analyze a deal properly, commercial real estate brokers, investors, and lenders need to know a myriad of details about the subject property. Continue reading