Case Study | Success in the Automation of Commercial Real Estate Underwriting (The "Company" or "Clik"), a SaaS company creating artificial intelligence-powered software that is bringing efficiency to the real estate market, today released a case study alongside Bellwether Enterprise detailing how the platform works to expedite commercial real estate underwriting with complete accuracy and without the risk of human error.


Due to its ever-increasing loan portfolio, Bellwether Enterprise implemented to bring efficiency to its underwriting and financial review process while maintaining the quality and consistency of various deliverables. The case study proved that when Bellwether Enterprise used's AutoUW platform for underwriting, it saved up to 50 percent of time with regard to processing operating statements and rent rolls. was launched to improve commercial real estate technology by using upgraded technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Typically, commercial real estate underwriting can take hours and sometimes days due to massive amounts of manual data input and processing. With, underwriters are able to accomplish this in a matter of minutes and with total accuracy.'s software can read, write, and extract crucial information from Excel, PDF, or other files, including a property's income statements, tenant reporting templates, or mortgage/renting history. This technology helped underwrite BWE's $7.9 billion loan volume and an annual servicing portfolio of $31.2 billion in 2019.'s model integration team worked to onboard more than 90 life, commercial mortgage-backed securities, and agency models to directly create a seamless delivery channel to the lender upstream systems. The consistent feedback loop with customers provides's platform with the ability to be continuously improved. In addition,'s reporting module was enhanced to give Bellwether Enterprise's asset managers insightful and detailed data analytics.


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