Your On-Demand Commercial Real Estate Team on the Cloud

Real estate industry’s tech adoption is changing fast. With these fast changes happening in the workplace; like large companies giving up their dedicated building spaces to sign up for on-demand workplace solutions like WeWork, it is inevitable that majority of real estate workforce and companies will also move to innovative solutions than a traditional approach “Let’s hire more analysts”. The traditional approach is not scalable anymore and it takes a lot of time and effort to hire the right team. As more and more real estate teams become agiler and entrepreneurial, they need more sustainable and affordable solutions. With the advancement of cloud computing and AI, this has become possible now.


For example, until the late 2000s, all large lenders and brokers were investing millions of dollars in IT spend to hire consultants and IT firms to build legacy pipeline management and CRM solutions. With SalesForce, cloud-based CRM and loan origination & cloud-based asset management systems, those costs can now be avoided. More importantly, maintenance of these systems requires a dedicated tech team in-house.


At we’re building the next generation on-demand due-diligence tech-enabled virtual team for real estate investors and market participants. By employing the implementation of the latest machine learning and AI technology, we enable broker and lender analyst teams to be agiler and spend less time in extracting data, evaluating more deals and accessing an environment that brings more than 80% efficiency in their CRE desk’s productivity. With you don’t have to get into any long-term contract with a consultant to run your deal analysis and access support like Underwriting, lease abstraction, inspection template, VBA macro services. They are all completely on-demand and at an affordable pay-as-you-go priced model. This can relieve you of the payroll and cost pressure while letting you focus on the most important aspect i.e deal-making and closing more transactions.


What is on-demand and how to access it? and it’s dedicated 24/5 real estate analyst support platform can be easily accessed through a simple dashboard log in with your username and password.



If you are a new customer or want to set-up a free trial access, you can proceed by providing your information at:


Who can get on-demand?

Anyone who is involved in commercial real estate lending, acquisition, brokerage, asset management or other participants can access If you are a technology provider, you can integrate solution into your own software platform using either our API (to be released soon) or through other webhooks like iFrame etc.Currently, the platform is available in the US and Canada. The platform will be open for access to clients in the UK, Western Europe, Australia and Asia-pacific in 2019.


How do I access on-demand?


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 Here's a short video of the software platform:


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