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You may be a one-man broker shop, a mid-size debt fund or an underwriter working with a large lender. Either way, you understand the importance of correctly extracting key financials from property historical, rent roll and other third-party reports to prepare a loan sizing file. There’s a lot of heavy lifting to be done and you spend hours preparing this file which may be prone to error.


Currently, across the industry, the analysts spend anywhere between 4 to 10 hours populating and creating loan sizing excel models by manually extracting the information from borrower provided financial documents.


What if there’s a tool that automatically does that for you? A complete automated Underwriting solution that performs underwriting within minutes, yet error-free.


Maximum time of underwriting is spent converting loads of data into a format you can consume — and that’s totally non-value-add. is an automated CRE loan underwriting platform that does exactly what you do manually to underwrite loans. Using its proprietary machine learning backed algorithms, it identifies key information from any format of a source file (pdf, excel or image scan), understands the tabular format in which the data is residing and intelligently extracts those financial numbers (figures) for you into a loan underwriting excel model. It’s even capable of extracting key information points from unstructured data representation.







In the real estate space, everything is transacted by sending over PDF, excel, occasionally bad image scans of operating statements. Currently, Underwriters are highly dependent on manual data extraction which is not a value-add activity to your underwriting process. platform’s technology goes beyond just extracting the information and putting it in the right column headers. For example 2015, 2016, TTM values are automatically identified based on their column headers & tabular structure and inserts those numbers under the correct historical cashflow tabs in the UW model.

                                                                         Smart underwriting decision making




Further-on, after key financial data extraction, It makes smart decisions like classification of line items into their correct categories (like Gross Rental Income, G&A, excluding line items to Excluded Income etc.), automatically takes care of preparing a Pro-forma UW cash-flow analysis by making auto adjustments that are backed by a large data set of operating historicals and analyzing trends to capture fluctuations in various categories to normalize the cash flows.’s underlying algorithms continuously maintain and update trends to capture red flags (for example any large increase in R&M and across other revenue/expense line items) to get to an underwritten cash flows.



The commercial mortgage industry is still overwhelmingly dependent on excel spreadsheets. Almost all of the loans that are originated each year are underwritten and analyzed in Excel. instantly creates an advanced, highly flexible yet very intuitive loan analysis dashboard and a loan underwriting model in excel.


With the data sync functionality, users can make adjustments directly into the excel model and sync the data back to the secure database. The’s platform has been designed and built with security as a top priority. The platform is hosted on highly secure AWS (amazon web servers) with multiple instances created within US and Canada servers depending on client's geography. The top tier AWS cloud service provider allows for data redundancy for business continuity. The platform provides version control so model changes are never lost.


The point we are trying to drive home should be clear by now. You now know that automated underwriting is the fastest, safest and simplest way to underwrite commercial real estate deals.


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