The Best Tool to Convert PDF to Excel for Commercial Real Estate

How do you auto extract and convert PDF (Operating statements and Rent Rolls) to loan excel models?

  • Are your analysts spending hours every day in extraction financials from operating statements and rent rolls?
  • Are you looking for a direct pdf to excel tool that can auto extract key financials from OS and Rent Rolls into a financial spread within minutes?
  • Interested in avoiding spending hours to manually key data from pdf and excels?
If you are reviewing multiple commercial real estate deals every month, you don’t want to waste time manually re-entering that data into your excel sheets. Using software you can almost instantly extract all key financials into your excel models.
Extract key financial data from operating statement, Rent Roll, Loan models, Commercial Real Estate Underwriting
Extracting information from PDF without using a specific PDF-editing tool can get tricky, especially when these documents are scanned. It creates various problems like column merging, row splitting etc. software handles all of these problems through its intuitive single-workflow screen. It also has an advanced OCR engine inbuilt that eliminates you from cleaning the data manually.
Artboard Copy
                                                    – Single workflow to create loan model instantly
Follow these steps to extract Rent Rolls, Operating Statement and TTM in loan models instantly
1. Go to the login screen

Login Screen

2. Create a new project by clicking on "Add Project" (top right) and specifying project name, asset type (hotel, multifamily, office, retail) and select underwriting guidelines (i.e CREFC, Agency, Life Co or custom) to be used.


Project View

Project View Screen
 3. Upload documents (Rent Rolls, Trailing 12 statements, Historical statements) within project view by clicking on "Browse Files".
Document View
Document View Screen
4. Tag documents, specifying document type (Rent Rolls, Trailing 12 statements, Historical statements) and "As Of" date for rent rolls and "To" and "From" dates for operating statements. Hit "Refresh" on top right after tagging is done.
Screenshot 2019-06-17 17.48.23
Document Tagging Screen
5. Once tagged,'s platform automatically extracts and generates formatted rent roll and operating statement data in the "target data" sheet. Line items which are extracted are shown in the "Source Data" sheet.
Source Data- Rent Roll
Source Data OS
Source Data- Trailing 12 statements
6. You can edit within the spreadsheet view by modifying individual cells. Once you're done, download the spreadsheet in .xlsx or .csv format by clicking on "Download XLSX" or "Download CSV" on the top right of the screen. 
Target Data- Rent Roll
Target Data OS
Target Data- Trailing 12 Operating Statement
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