Merchants Capital Launches to Automate Loan Servicing Operations

The automation software provided by is a proprietary extraction and classification engine that, alongside asset managers and underwriters, the data extracted by the system can be easily moved into the bank's proprietary platform and servicing operations. Merchants Capital will be able to review rent roll and property cash flow data in minutes, which will enable the bank to capitalize on asset management.


Merchants Capital is a top nationwide lender for the refinance, acquisition, new construction and substantial rehabilitation of multifamily, affordable, senior and student housing. Merchants will benefit from's service as its automation software will optimize workload management and assist with the massive influx of loan applications from small to mid-size commercial real estate property owners. Additionally, the new partnership with will support the digitization of Merchants Capital, serve as a time-effective solution, and offer customers the best services while ensures the security and confidentiality of their data.


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