Scalability for Banks and Servicers to Fulfill Historic Surge of Loan Reviews

Mortgage servicers and banks in a post covid world are overwhelmed due to the massive influx of loan applications from commercial real estate property owners across the United States.

The major challenge for banks and servicers is to increase their capacity while also adhering to the guidelines for loan reviews. Banks have to analyse the latest rent rolls and cash flow statements that are necessary to ensure appropriate resolution to support their customer's forbearance and loan modification requests. To meet these requirements, banks may have to build a software application platform. However, in-house software development is not advisable at the current time, as it is an extensive and time-consuming process.


Banks need additional workers to provide throughput. While recruiting third party agencies or increasing workload for existing employee sounds like a reasonable thing to do, in reality it is impossible to meet this level of throughput simply by exploiting human capital.


To deal with the challenge of this significantly increased throughput requirement, banks and services should look for the use of AI and an automation software. The automation software provided by work alongside asset managers and underwriters and can be utilised for review of rent roll and property cash flow data in minutes ("not" hours). The use of this Automated Underwriting system by provides results within minutes relieving workers from manual efforts, thereby saving thousands of hours in this critical time. Data extracted by the system can be easily moved into the bank’s proprietary platform and servicing systems.


Over the past weeks, we have worked with two of the top-tier banks and servicers to help automate the processing of rent rolls and Operating Statements received from borrowers for loans as a result of COVID-19 impact. automation can be configured within minutes and employees can start working on the system within less than 1 hour. Our Automated Underwriting software helps asset managers and underwriters in increasing their capacity to review loan applications as it reduces rent roll and cashflow statement processing time from 2 hours to just under five minutes.


The manual processing of loan applications can be an arduous task. automated underwriting software can support the underwriters and servicers in a swift review of loan applications. can help banks and servicers:

  1. Optimize and reduce time for extraction data from rent roll and property statment PDF, scans and improve analysis 10X
  2. Integrate and streamline an existing underwriting excel financial model, and
  3. Automatically extract accurate property data into the servicer or bank portal

This can be accomplished in less than 24 hours. To request access immediately, please contact us directly anytime and we can help you move very quickly.


Be safe and healthy.