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5 Tips to Overcome Commercial Lease Abstraction Challenges

On the surface, commercial real estate doesn’t seem overly complicated. There is a building for sale. The building could be for retail, office, housing, medical, storage, or related to any number of industries. There is a buyer or investor... Continue reading

How Lease Abstraction Simplifies Commercial Real Estate Lease Management?

When buying or selling commercial real estate; having the essential information at your fingertips can save you time and money when making a decision. Continue reading

CRE Automated Underwriting vs Manual Underwriting-An Analysis

All commercial real estate deals have two sides, a borrower and a lender. Both sides analyze a potential commercial real estate deal by taking risk into account. For an investor, that risk is based more on the tenants and management of the property.... Continue reading

Five Most Important Facts About Argus Modeling

To understand the importance of financial modeling tools for commercial real estate, you need to know about Argus Modeling. Argus is a computer software created specifically to keep commercial brokers, commercial real estate investors, and... Continue reading

How AI and ML are changing the CRE Underwriting Process?

Commercial real estate thrives on data. To analyze a deal properly, commercial real estate brokers, investors, and lenders need to know a myriad of details about the subject property. Continue reading

Six Interesting Things about Automated Underwriting for Commercial Real Estate

Understanding risk and potential returns in buying, selling, or developing a property is a crucial component to being a successful real estate investor. In commercial real estate (CRE), underwriting is used to make decisions about how risky... Continue reading

The Best Tool to Convert PDF to Excel for Commercial Real Estate

How do you auto extract and convert PDF (Operating statements and Rent Rolls) to loan excel models? Are your analysts spending hours every day in extraction financials from operating statements and rent rolls? Are you looking for a direct pdf to... Continue reading

How to extract OS, T12 and Rent Rolls 5X Faster

When buying a rental property, a rent roll is the most critical document required while evaluating the income of the property correctly.   Continue reading