releases APIs for Rent Roll and Operating Statement Automated Extraction and Underwriting

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Today, Clik Technologies releases its APIs to the public - providing our partners and clients the ability to integrate our industry leading automation and document extraction platform on top of other software and services. This opens up our tool for third-party and independent software developers around the world and provides our customers the flexibility to use our tool from within their existing workflow, enabling them to be radically more efficient.

A new documentation kit has also be launched to enable developers to easily sign up for access to all of the Open APIs. Through the portal, provides developers with technical documentation, software development kits (SDKs), sample source code and reference guides for deploying new and innovative applications. 

We are excited about tapping into the ingenuity of software developers around the globe to help create the next generation of game-changing workflow automation applications. We feel this will unleash innovation and spur growth within the commercial real estate industry. 

Opening our APIs to the global development community of developers will provide them the opportunity to leverage our platform and come up with new ideas that may not have been previously considered or thought possible. "In addition, this will strengthen Clik’s position as an industry leader in innovation and give us an even greater competitive advantage as the workflow automation industry continues to evolve".

So, build a better workflow for your analyst's team and sign up or contact us at for access now!